This is what you will learn:

What Will Your Nonprofit Do? [Avoid This Massive Mistake]


There’s one thing all successful nonprofit founders have in common. If you get this wrong, you will fail before you even start. 


Should You Be A 501c3? 

Learn the REAL pros and cons of becoming a 501c3. This status is critical for some nonprofits and a total waste of time and money for others. Learn about your alternatives.


How To Get More Donors & Volunteers – The Easy Way

Learn the critical “Trust Factors” that you must have in place before donors give you money and before volunteers sign up.


How To Generate More Revenue In Less Time [not from donors or grants]


You’re not limited to donors and grants! You can generate more revenue in less time by offering multiple products and services (that you don’t even have to create)

Adam Radly. Founder of ‘I Imagine’ and ‘Radly Center’

Create a nonprofit that meets this criteria:

  • Generate enough revenue to support your cause AND yourself.
    • Not dependent on 501c3 status or donors (but can still be a 501c3)

    • Will have a meaningful positive impact
    • Something you’re passionate about, enjoy working on and are proud of.
    • Creates authority for you
    • Start with least amount time, money and effort