‘I Imagine’ For Individuals

You don’t have to start a business or save the world. You can use ‘I Imagine’ for personal development and finding your tribe – and it’s free.

Vision Board
We call it the Canvas. Use it to focus your time and attention on the things that matter most.

Goal Management
The Lifewall is an improved version of Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy Of Needs’. It’s the only interactive tool that allows you to see your life broken down into 21 elements with a rating for each element – all according to you. Use this ‘big picture’ representation of your life to create and manage goals that address each individual element of your life.

Use the Ideas platform to solve any problem in your community, work, or personal life. The platform uses a simple problem/solution framework. Just create a free listing then invite friends, followers, or the public to submit their best ideas. They can also vote and comment on ideas from other people. The best ideas bubble to the top. Make your listing private or public.

Find your tribe without cold contacting other people. ‘I Imagine’ is a different kind of social network. Instead of ‘cold contacting’ people, just check some boxes that match your objectives and let the algorithm find people that meet your criteria and actually want to connect with you.

Use it to grow your social following and connect with like-minded people.

Grow Your Following On Any Social Network

The best way to grow followers on Instagram, YouTube, Podcast, or blog is to collaborate with someone that has a similar audience and cross-promote each other. But finding people that are willing to collaborate with you is hard. Just set the ‘matching criteria’ on ‘I Imagine’ and let the algorithm find people that actually want to work with you. NO cold contacting required. You can also set matching criteria to find co-founders, funding, interview opportunities, and much more.

If you have developed your goals and ideas and feel compelled to put them into action you can start a cause, nonprofit, or a business.

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Causes & Nonprofits
Startups & Business