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Quick Start

There’s a lot of things you could do but there’s only one thing that you must do. You must replace the current text (and contact info) in your website with your own.
Work through the steps below to get started really fast.



How To Start An Accounting Business: Content

You access the text, audio and video versions of the content about here: How To Start An Accounting Business”

‘I Imagine’ Platform
The easiest way to navigate around ‘I Imagine’ is from the My Home page. Some quick links:
Your Website
Replace the logo (optional)
We have created a temporary text logo for you. If you like it, you don’t have to change it. If you do want to change it, follow the steps in this video.
Edit Pages
Images: You can use the existing images you like but keep in mind that your site will look the same as other people that also decided to keep the same images. If you want to get started really fast, just add your text for now and replace the images with your own over time.
Watch this video to learn how to edit images.
Text:  You must create your own text for each page. We have provided sample sales copy on some pages. You can use them as a guide. If you don’t change the text your site will be the same as other people that don’t the text. It’s not a ‘huge’ problem but it might impact your SEO because the Google algorithm might recognize the site as a template site and that could result in lower rankings.
Watch this video to learn how to edit text.
Edit the navigation menu (optional)
If you plan use all of the pages that we provided you don’t need to do anything. If you want to add pages, remove pages or change the position of
Add Pages
Watch this video to learn how to add pages
Remove Pages
Watch this video to learn how to remove pages
Navigation Menu
Watch this video to learn how to edit the navigation menu
Add / Remove Blog Posts
Watch this video to learn how to edit the navigation menu
Add social links
Watch this video to learn how to add your social links
Connect your email service
Watch this video to learn how to add your email service
Edit contact email
Watch this video to learn how to edit your contact email
Setup Your Domain Name
We offer to do this for you. If you have decided to do this yourself, watch this video to learn how to set up your domain name.
WordPress: Edit Settings
Your website is built with WordPress. If you want to work on your site, check out the videos that we have included the admin section of your website: Settings > WordPress Videos. We have also included many WordPress tutorial videos in the website section you are working on so that you don’t have to go looking for the right tutorial video.
Note: there are thousands of videos about how to use WordPress on Youtube but they are not always up to date. Our videos are always up to date. Therefore, you should use our videos to solve any issue and only resort to Youtube videos if you need to do something that is not addressed in our videos (this usually means that you want to do something that’s a little unusual – which is fine).
Divi Theme / Page Builder
Your website uses the Divi Theme and page builder. It is (in our opinion) the best and most advanced page builder in the world. It enables you to create webpages that have stunning design without learning any coding.
The Divi theme is a product from Elegant Themes but you don’t have to spend any money to buy it. We have a developer license with Elegant Themes and this allows us to sell a completed website to you that includes the Divi theme. However, this means that support for Divi will be provided by us instead of Elegant Themes.
To get started with using the Divi builder watch these videos or visit the Elegant Themes Youtube channel. If you still need help, contact us in the support section.
Email Marketing
In order to capture email addresses from people that visit your site you need:
  • Email opt-in form: This is part of the Divi theme and we have already set it up for you on multiple pages of your website. Watch this video to edit the email opt-in forms.
  • Email marketing service: This is a company that specializes in sending mass emails. You can easily integrate many email marketing services with your website so you are not locked into anything.

We have integrated your website with the Sendinblue email marketing service in order to get you started without doing any work.

The reason we recommend Sendinblue is that is free to use up to 300 emails per day with an unlimited number of contacts. It also includes numerous other important features like a CRM, email automated sequences and many others.

You can review the pricing plan and features here:


(Scroll down the page to see a detailed comparison).

If you want to use a different email marketing service you can connect it by following the steps in this video

If you purchased Launch Package (no ongoing costs), we will provide the following for 12 months:
  • Fix bugs
  • Provide video tutorials about how to use, edit and manage your website and we all answer questions if these videos are not clear.
If you purchased Launch Package Plus ($50 per month), we will provide everything in the Launch Package plus the following items (for as long as your monthly subscription remains active):
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • All updates for apps and tools provided in the Launch Package website (doesn’t include apps, tools, plugins you bought from somewhere else).
  • All improvements to existing features and all new features. We are constantly adding new features and functionality (usually monthly) that will help you to increase revenue or save time or money.
  • One free premium listing on the Referral Platform and a free listing on the Collaboration Platform on ‘I Imagine’ that will help you to grow your business fast. We will also create the listings for you so you don’t have to do anything other than wait for referrals and other business opportunities to come to you.

Contact support here.