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Feeling like you have a sense of purpose in life may help you to live longer, according to research published in Psychological Science.

Lead researcher Patrick Hill of Carleton University in Canada says that this research has implications for promoting positive aging and adult development. “Our findings point to the fact that finding a direction for life, and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve can help you actually live longer, regardless of when you find your purpose.

So the earlier someone comes to a direction for life, the ear- lier these protective effects may be able to occur,” says Hill.

My primary reason for having a purpose is to maximize my impact on the people who are important to me and on the world more generally (and I believe that this reason alone is far more significant than simply wanting to add years to my existence on earth).

But this research may be particularly important to those of you who may be older and or have discovered that you may not have enough time to achieve all that you had hoped.

So, now it all comes down to you. This book is the theory. The iimagine platform is the action. What if doing the things that made you happiest also had the biggest possible impact on the planet? What will your impact be?