Personal Developmemt

[Level 3: Pinnacle]


In the MPI journey, personal development is critical. Personal development is entirely congruent with self-discovery, and self-discovery is entirely congruent with the purpose of life.

In the MPI philosophy, personal development occurs through the repetitive cycle of learning followed by action.

Every lesson we learn contributes to our own self-discovery. And, because each of us is a member of humanity, that lesson results in a concurrent contribution to humankind.

There are many aspects to personal development, including:

  • improving knowledge of one’s self.
  • identifying previously unseen potential in ourselves.
  • examining our aspirations.
  • improving our health.
  • improving our ability to learn.
  • improving or increasing our skills.
  • increasing our self-awareness.
  • analyzing and learning from our experience.
  • exploring and understanding our own unique capabilities.
  • exploring and understanding who and what we really are.
  • increasing our understanding of how humans work.
  • improving our understanding of the purpose of life.
  • improving our view of what we should do to have MPI on our own lives.
  • improving our view of what we should do to have MPI on the planet.
  • improving our view of where the intersection of the two above really lies.
  • improving our understanding of our passions.