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How It Works

Sign a petition: search the existing petitions and enter your name and email address. If the petitions relate to something important to you, remember to share it with your friends and followers.

Create a petition: Click ‘Create Listing’ in the top right, select a pricing plan (standard listings are free), use our guided questionnaire to complete a compelling outline of the reasons people should support your petition, and click submit. You will be notified by email when the listing is approved. Then we will start promoting the petition to the ‘I Imagine’ community but it’s also very important for you to share the link to the petition with your friends and followers. 

Help A Cause

Find a cause that you’re passionate.  Then get involved!

You can take a few seconds to promote a cause on social media to your friends or followers, donate money or volunteer your time.  

Create A Cause

You can’t do everything yourself. Put your cause in front people that believe in your cause and want to help you.

Listings are free.