Solve Any Problem! Let’s Make The World Better.

There’s an infinite number of problems that need to be solved – ranging from climate change to what you want to see in the next Star Wars sequel. Solve it with your friends and community!

Develop & Manage Ideas With Your Friends or Followers

Create an ‘Idea Management’ project on ‘I Imagine. Allow your community or followers to get involved by creating new ideas, improving existing ideas, commenting on ideas and voting on ideas.

Identify Loyal Followers

The single most important thing that both you AND your followers want is to SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Your most loyal followers want to share their views.  They are your most valuable untapped resource.

Social Engagement That Improves Your Product And Brand

When you have a product development challenge (or any other problem) you need to find a solution then hope that your followers like it. Alternatively, if you just ask your followers to solve the problem, you don’t have to do any work and you know they will like the solution.

Give Followers What They Want. Avoid Costly Mistakes.

Reduce the likelihood of implementing ideas that followers don’t like. This directly increases revenue and reduces costs. It also reduces the number of negative reviews.

Meaningful Engagement, Not Meaningless Activity

Most social media engagement tactics involve generating likes and comments for the sake of likes and comments. That’s absurd. Ask meaningful questions and get meaningful answers – then everybody wins!

Build Trust, Loyalty, Stronger Relationship With Followers

Followers are more likely to “believe you” when you make claims about your product if they know that you developed the product with their input. It makes them more likely to buy your product. THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

Activate Massive Influencer Potential

Influencers are more likely to promote your product and more likely to recommend your product if they (and the community) participated in the development of product improvements.

Create An "Idea Management" Listing In Minutes

This is all you need to do:

  • Signup and click on “+ Create Listing” in the top right
  • Use a title like “[Your Product]: How can we make it better?”
  • Enter a few sentences about the problem you want to solve
  • Share the link for the listing with your social followers
  • People can click on ‘Solutions’ to submit their ideas or vote and comment on ideas from other people.
  • Over time, the best ideas will bubble to the top. And any one of them can transform your business!
  • See an example.

Massive ROI - All Of This For Just $47?

Any one of the benefits above can transform your business. Create unlimited Free listings with unlimited users or create Premium listings to get access to advanced features. Premium listings only cost $47 pm with a 7-day free trial (no credit card required). See a simple feature comparison here.

Can you think of a better use of $47?

Important Features

  • ‘Idea Management’ listings and be public or private
  • Voting can be public or restricted to verified customers (or any other criteria)
  • Set voting thresholds and award prizes
  • Allow people to register as experts
  • Allow people to convey their vote to an expert
  • Many other advanced features that give you total control

Questions To Ask Your Followers


  • How can we make our product (service) better? See an example.
  • How can we make a specific feature better?
  • How can we improve our customer support?


  • How can we maximize our impact?
  • How can we [insert issue relating to your brand – e.g. stop cyberbullying, improve online privacy, live a more sustainable lifestyle, etc).


Other Uses. Solve Any Problem.

The ‘I Imagine’ Idea Management platform can be used to solve any problem in any context:

  • Employee engagement
  • Product development
  • Customer engagement
  • Student & parent engagement
  • Social media engagement
  • Community engagement (nonprofits and government)



Frequently Asked Questions

There's no other platform in the world like 'I Imagine'. Come together with your fellow humans to solve any problem. 

FREE listing with unlimited users? Really?

Yes! It's not just a free trial or free during launch. It's 100% FREE! And will always be 100% free. However, you will get a lot of advanced features if you use a Premium listing. Take a look at the feature comparison in the pricing table.

Can I make my listing private?

Yes! You can approve each user before they see or interat with your project. You will need a Premium listing but you will also get access to many more advanced features that will give you granular control of your crowdsourcing project. 

How long will it take to create a listing?

You just need a title, a summary of the problem (can be one sentence) and an image. It can do it two minutes! If you want to see the steps, checkout the and in the user guides.

Tell me about the advanced features

There's a lot of them: public private options, restricted voting, expert status, up and down voting, convey votes and many more. Check out the features in the pricing comparison table and in the user guides.

Can I create a listing about any topic?

Yes! Humanity advances by everyone working on the problems they feel most passionate about - even if they're not "real problems" like - "How can my favorite sports team win a championship next season?" Of course, no hate, violence, etc.

Can I approve ideas before they go live?

Yes! This important feature is available on free and paid plans. If you create a listing that should be taken seriously (some aren't and that's okay) it's important control the quality of the ideas.

Still have questions?