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What happens next?

Look out for an email from us that contains some important information and links.

A member of our team will review your website or social presence, reach out to people that are a match for you and want a referral partnership arrangement. Then we will send you an email to introduce you to each other. You decide what to do next.

We don’t take a cut of any business that you do.

This Concierge Service normally costs $197 pm but we will do this work for you for free for one month.

You never owe us any money.

Just one new referral partnership or collaboration can transform your entire business.

In the meantime, I Imagine is the most advanced platform for social entrepreneurs to start and build a business. Scroll down to see a summary of everything you can do on I Imagine (for individuals and business).

I Imagine provides a combination of tools and a community that makes it all possible. Take a look at everything that you can do on I Imagine below.

For Individuals

Social Network

A different kind of social network. No private information passed on to third parties. No ads. A fully-featured social network and a community of people that want to optimize life and maximize their impact.


The Canvas is an advanced ‘Vision Board’ and 'Goal Management' system that will help you stay focused on the things that matter most.

It can be updated daily with a few clicks to make sure you optimize each day. 

And it's FREE!


The Lifewall is your life broken down into 21 elements - all on one screen. You can rate each element on a scale of 1 -10 (all according to you and what you want for your own life).

The result will be a visual representation of what you are doing well and not so well (all according to you). You can use this information to set new goals and adjust your Canvas accordingly.


A job can be more than just a job. Some jobs allow you to work on something your passionate about, have a positive impact and get paid for it. We call them 'impact jobs' and the right one can change your life.

My Story

It’s a visual timeline of events. Your virtual presence is as important as your physical presence. Take control of the virtual narrative about ‘You’.

Create a visually stunning representation of who you are, what you stand for and what happened in your life. Or just create a stream of thoughts or use it to create an interactive resume.

So, what’s your story?


Find a cause that you’re passionate about. Then get involved! 

It only takes a minute to promote a cause on social media to your friends or followers. You can also donate money or volunteer your time (often from the comfort of your own home).  

If you want to create a cause, use the platform to find people that want to help you.


Crowdsource Ideas to solve problems. Create a free listing and outline a problem then invite friends, followers, associates or the public to submit their ideas or vote and comment on ideas from other people. The best ideas bubble to the top. 

Solve the world’s biggest (or smallest) problems. Solving problems (literally) makes the world better!

Impact Ratings

Rate organizations, politicians and celebrities based on their impact rather than on their profits. 

In order to encourage good behavior in our societies, we want to identify organizations (or people) that have a positive impact (e.g. by treating their employees or the environment well) or a negative impact (e.g. by treating their employees or the environment badly). 

This information allows us to make informed decisions about which organizations we want to work for, buy from or invest in. 

Over time, good actors will thrive and bad actors will dissipate. And, it will all happen organically.

For Business

Start A Business

The World Has Changed…The days of starting a business for the sole purpose of making money are gone… because it’s not good enough. 

You want to make money for yourself AND have a positive impact – all while working on something you’re passionate about. That’s the Theory Of Pii (passion, income, impact). 

This kind of business is a combination of ‘for profit’ and ‘nonprofit’ and is known as a ‘Social Enterprise’. Soon every business will be a social enterprise.

See how you can start your own social enterprise (with a tiny budget and without quitting your job).


The premise: if you have a positive impact on others, they will have a positive impact on you.

The best way to get customers to grow your business has always been by 'word of mouth’. When you send a referral, it has an implied endorsement. If the referral is bad, it makes you look bad.

Let’s use technology to make the oldest and best customer growth strategy fly. Send and receive referrals. Make money both ways.


The premise: if you have a positive impact on others, they will have a positive impact on you.

The easiest way to grow your business, followers or influence without spending any money is with collaborations. Just one partnership or collaboration can potentially transform your business.

Check out how it works for attracting new customers or growing and monetizing your followers, email list and events.