In the tight scheduled life of 21st century it is really hard to main a balance between a healthy lifestyle and work schedule so many of us try to compensate the deficiency by getting admitted to a gym. But just joining the gym is not enough we also need to follow a healthy diet plan to maintain a healthy body and to tackle the overpowering issues like obesity, gastrointestinal disorders etc. Two of such diet plans which are trending are: Paleo Diet and Keto Diet

Paleo Diet

It sounds interesting by its name, and the secret also lies in that. The main concept of paleo diet is to follow or replicate the diet of the Palaeolithic men when humans were nothing but caveman, unaware of farming and lived lives as hunters and gathers. For this fact it is also known as caveman diet, but it does not tell people to eat raw flesh but instead tries to tell that we should avoid artificially cultivated food and dairy products and focus more on whole foods, fruits and vegetables which are available. The main hypothesis behind this diet is that the human diet style has evolved with a very fast pace but the human physiology which was more accustomed to the Palaeolithic life style could not evolve at the same pace, thus this lack of the human physiology to adapt with the rapidly evolving diet style is the probable cause of issues like diabetes, obesity etc. Paleo diet thus suggests to avoid grains, legumes, dairy products, processed foods and encourages lean meat fish whole food, fruits, seeds and vegetables.

Keto Diet

Keto Diet or Ketogenic diet is a diet means a drastically reduction of the carbs or carbohydrate rich foods in our diet and replace those with high amounts of healthy fat and optimum protein. Due to the deficiency of carbohydrates the body starts the process of ketosis by turning fat into fatty acids and ketones, the ketones now serve as alternative fuel for the body in place of glucose. Due to this ketosis there is rapid fat burning in the body and also a reduction of blood sugar level and many other healthy outcomes. Thus it can be said keto diet is more focused to lose weight rapidly.

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