The Oscar 2020 where the big names Scarlett Johnson, Brad Pitt, Phoenix etc were nominated.

On the other hand some big faces of the Hollywood Keanu Reeves, Shia LaBeouf and James Corden were presenting the 92nd academy award. And Leonardo DiCaprio Made His First Public Appearance With Girlfriend Camila Morrone.

The Oscar 2020 is also different because for the very first time in the history of Oacar a film of foreign language got the award of best film. From the 92nd Academy Awards, Parasite has been attributed to be the best and most poignant movie of the year in terms of its tense, genre particulars, exemplary performances, international eminence, and relevance of key issues in modern times.

The Intricate Depiction Of Poverty

At the bottom of the economic ladder, people often have to struggle to climb out of poverty that pervades every choice of an individual, a phenomenon so artfully portrayed in Parasite. The Kim family is desperate to creak by, get their respective positions working for the Park family through a campaign of sly con-finesse, upholding the extreme hustle and sometimes-rule-skirting that is needed to earn a living in a commercially hostile world.

The Real Barnacle

The film demonstrates poverty, anguish, and inequality highlighting both that poor families are economically dependent on wealthy ones, yet the lives of the wealthy are practically dependent on the work of working-class families and beg the question of which family is the truly ‘parasitic’ one. Finally, the film dramatizes the extreme traditional separations between wealthy and poor people in the world, a theme touched upon in an earlier interview with director Bong Joon-ho:

“In reality, it’s very rare for the poor and rich to come [that] close.* [In society] we operate in completely different [areas]. In flights, we have first-class and the economy, we go to different restaurants, we’re always separated in the spaces that we occupy. Only when they’re working as tutors, drivers, and housekeepers do we have the opportunity to come close to each other.”

Subtle Distinctions

‘Smell’ has acted as a common referent in the movie deployed through masterful thematic resonance, dramatizing one of the defining international issues executed with an impressive set of skills which has best deserved the nomination of the year.

Source: Wat-Not