Regardless of whether you’re trying to do something big or small, we know that it matters to you. Use these guides to learn how to make the most of the platform.


A job can be much more than just money. 

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Your profile for all parts of “I Imagine’ is managed through your social profile. See how to set up or edit your profile in the next question below.

Navigating The Platform

The easiest way to navigate around the platform is to go to “My Home” in the main navigation menu. You can visit any part of the platform directly from this page.

How to setup and edit your profile

> Go to the dropdown menu in the top right of the social app
> Click on Profile

How to update your profile photo and cover image

> Go to the dropdown menu in the top right of the social app
> Click on Profile then select Cover Photo or Profile Photo


How can search and view jobs?

Go to the Jobs platform: My Home > Jobs.

How can I apply for a job?

Click on the title of the job then scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Apply For Job’.

How can I upload a resume?

Yes. Go to ‘Employees’ > ‘Add a resume’ > complete the information as required.

How can I view my resumes?

Go to ‘Employees’ > ‘My resumes’ then enter information as required. 


How can I post a job?

Go to ‘Employers’ > Post a job’ then enter information about your job post as required.

How can I view and manage my job listings?

Go to ‘Employers’ > ‘My listings’ then click on the job title.

How can I view and manage applications to jobs I have posted?

Go to ‘Employers’ > ‘My listings’ > click on the applications in the right column

Are job postings subject to approval?

Yes. All posted jobs will be reviewed before they are published live on the platform.

What does it cost to post a job?

Posting jobs is free.

Request a Feature 

Let us know what you want. We update our development roadmap frequently and we adjust priorities based on your feedback.

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