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Regardless of whether you're trying to do something big or small, we know that it matters to you. Use these guides to learn how to make the most of the platform.

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Use these guides to understand how to use the features that will help you to get the most out of the ‘I Imagne’ platform.


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Your profile for all parts of “I Imagine’ is managed through your social profile. See how to set up or edit your profile in the next question below.

Navigating The Platform

The easiest way to navigate around the platform is to go to “My Home” in the main navigation menu. You can visit any part of the platform directly from this page.

How to setup and edit your profile

> Go to the dropdown menu in the top right of the social app
> Click on Profile

How to update your profile photo and cover image

> Go to the dropdown menu in the top right of the social app
> Click on Profile then select Cover Photo or Profile Photo


How to create a collaboration listing

> Go to the Collaboration platform (My Home > Collaboration)
> Click on + Create Listing in the top right
> Choose between Standard, Premium or Concierge listing type and click submit
> Complete the questions in the listing questionnaire. Hover your mouse over the “?” next to the question to get tips and explanations of each feature. Note that most questions are NOT required.
> Click submit
> Complete payment (not required for free listings)
> Your listing will be reviewed then published on the site within hours

How to edit or delete a listing?

> Go to the dropdown menu in the top right of the collaboration platform
> Click on listings
> Find the listing that you want to edit then click on the ‘edit’ icon (or trash can icon to delete the listing)
> Edit the listing as required then click submit.

How will people contact me?

People will click the ‘Contact’ button in the listing to write a message. The message will be sent to you by email. Your email address will not be revealed. After receiving the email you can communicate in any way you like. If you want to communicate without revealing your email address, we suggest you use the messaging app on ‘I Imagine’ (My Home > Social > messaging is location in the top right)

Request a Feature 

Let us know what you want. We update our development roadmap frequently and we adjust priorities based on your feedback.

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